Photo Histories
The Photographers' History of Photography


Amparo, Salamanca, Spain, 24th October 2000 © Graham Harrison. PHOTO HISTORIES is dedicated to my wife Amparo, and to all those who wait for photographers.

efore digital technology has transformed photography into something new and very different from what we understand it to be today there are accounts to be told by some of the great practitioners of the medium and by the many talented individuals who have found photography capable of challenging notions, revealing truths, and enriching people’s lives with insight, knowledge and at times great humour.

These are the earliest days in the life of this project but the hope is that over time Photo Histories will become a home for entertaining and thought provoking stories about photography and a vehicle that, by looking into the past with a spirit of enquiry, might begin to help us map some sort of path into the uncertain future of the medium.

If that seems too weighty, we will also recount some of the great photographer’s tales – which we are calling Photo Histories – that used to be told over lightboxes, in darkrooms and in the cafés, pubs and bars of the world – places where photographers used to gather but so rarely have the opportunity to do so today.

Graham Harrison
November 2007

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• Eternal thanks to Nick McGowan-Lowe whose technical understanding coupled with a selfless interest and monumental patience made possible the entire Photo Histories project; to Evan Nisselson who told me in April 2007 “Make your own journalism, create a destination that might strike a chord around the world;” to Dan White who subbed my uncertain text with enthusiasm and common sense until he so sadly died at the age of 47 in September 2012 and to David Hoffman who’s eye for detail has meant my numerous lapses in grammar and punctuation since then have not remained uncorrected.