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Doorstepping a city: how Bert Hardy captured life in Barcelona during the Franco dictatorship

In 1951 Bert Hardy travelled to Barcelona in the wake of the first General Strike to hit the regime of General Francisco Franco. A look at Hardy’s original contact prints tells us something about how the Picture Post photographer worked the streets of the Catalan capital with his Rolleiflex, and much about life in Spain twelve years into Franco’s thirty-six year dictatorship, writes Graham Harrison.

The Time Machine

Evoking the spirit of Robert Howlett’s iconic portrait of I.K. Brunel, David White journeyed through Brunelian Britain with a recreated sliding-box camera and an original lens from the 1850s. Graham Harrison reports.

Alexandra Boulat

In her short life Alexandra Boulat photographed the innocent victims, especially the women, caught up in conflict on the front lines of the world.

A Shared Emotion

On 31st January 1965 The Daily Telegraph published a special edition of it’s new colour supplement The Weekend Telegraph in tribute to Sir Winston Churchill who had died seven days earlier. “Not since the war has there been such a shared emotion,” wrote Laurie Lee in its sixteen pages.

Unknown Homer Sykes : The English 1968 - 78

Between assignments and other personal projects in the late 1960s and 1970s Homer Sykes began to document an English way of life. This slide show brings together a number of these images for the first time.